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Hourly Employee Retention: Tips to Avoid Turnover

Finding quality employees is challenging, so once you've hired them, it’s important to take steps to make sure they stick around. Each time an employee leaves, all of the time and money invested in that person goes out the door with them. Turnover can be costly! This webinar offers tips on how to cultivate a happy and loyal hourly employee base, to keep them in your plant and not seek employment elsewhere.  
• Get ideas for easy-to-implement incentive programs 
• Find out how your company culture can have a positive – or negative – effect on your staff 
• Learn ways to improve employee morale (and productivity!) by improving plant conditions 
• Discover how your management/supervision staff can affect employee retention 
• And more! 


Program Information
Program Date:
April 22, 2015
Hourly Employee Retention: Tips to Avoid Turnover
Speaker Information
Nancy Church, HR Director, VF Imagewear  [ view bio ]
Steve Kulchin  [ view bio ]
Kelly Saliba  [ view bio ]
Cathy Warrin  [ view bio ]
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