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Not All FR Garments are Created Equal
Using photos and videos of fires and burn injuries, as well as testimonials from users of flame resistant (FR) uniforms, presenter, Mark Saner, technical manager, Workrite Uniform Co., explains how to sell the value of FR workwear. He quotes stats such as how many lives FR saves each day, how many workplace injuries occur annually due to fire, etc. He explains how to make the case that FR is a sound investment considering the costs of burn injuries from a flash fire, electric arc flash and welding splatter. Such expenses easily exceed what your customer pays by having an FR-clothing program already in place. View this webinar to weigh options for inherently or man-made (treated) fabrics. Saner helps you choose the right garments for customers by considering how well various technologies: - Don‘t ignite or continue to burn - Insulate the wearer from heat - Minimize or reduce burn injuries - Provide escape time from a flash fire - Increase a person‘s odds of survival
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October 05, 2011
Not All FR Garments are Created Equal
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Mark Saner  [ view bio ]
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