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Restrooms Flush with Revenue Opportunity
Textile services companies can generate noticeably greater profit margins through sales of facility services products, says presenter, David Bernstein, who‘s worked with linen and uniform supply providers on such product line diversification for F-Matic, Inc. Using charts and graphs from studies, as well as photos from poorly maintained restrooms, Bernstein details why a formal facility services program is needed, as well as some common misconceptions that keep operators from beginning a program. He offers guidelines for committing your company to such a program from the top down. As Bernstein puts it, ’Whether you‘re in facility services today, or you‘re thinking about getting into it in the future, the one thing that will make or break every single program is management engagement. If your management is not engaged and your employees don‘t understand how important this is, it will fail.“ He gives tips on improving route service representatives‘ (RSRs‘) comfort with these products so they can effectively place them, including how to write RSR ’pitches“ so they don‘t feel like salespeople. Other subjects Bernstein covers: - Leveraging existing relationships and clients for sales opportunities - Controlling your inventory carefully - Thinking of placement opportunities outside the restroom
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September 21, 2011
Restrooms Flush with Revenue Opportunity
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David Bernstein  [ view bio ]
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