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Holistic Energy Management

Proven Solutions and Strategies for Reducing Costs, Reducing Demand, and Increasing Sustainability & Efficiency

This roundtable discussion will dive headfirst into the challenges your teams and facilities are facing to reduce energy costs, reduce demand, and reach your sustainability and renewable energy goals. Join dynamic thought leaders from across the energy industry who possess a heightened focus on proven strategies within the laundry industry. Review the current state of the energy markets, key considerations for electricity and natural gas procurement, renewable energy and energy storage, and energy infrastructure financing. Q&A will be welcome in this open format, in an effort to speak to your specific challenges and pain points.

Learning Objectives:

  • Improving worker comfort and productivity by way of LED lighting retrofits
  • Setting, meeting and exceeding renewable energy and sustainability goals while concurrently reducing energy costs
  • Benefits of energy storage to reduce demand costs
  • Benefits of combined heat and power to improve efficiency and lower energy costs, and for resiliency backup power
  • Securing favorable electricity and natural gas supply contracts to minimize budgetary risk
  • Current trends in energy, from electricity and natural gas to renewables
  • Current options for energy infrastructure financing
Program Information
Program Date:
June 09, 2021
Holistic Energy Management
Speaker Information
Dan Forgacs  [ view bio ]
Chris Fraga  [ view bio ]
Ed Kwasnick  [ view bio ]
Ben Samways  [ view bio ]
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