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Crown Linen Virtual Plant Tour

TRSA’s Virtual Plant Tour series continues by taking you inside Crown Linen, LLC’s Atlanta hospitality plant, opened in 2019 in a modern industrial park. It’s in a 160,000-square-foot building that includes Crown’s nearly 90,000 square feet for operations with the remainder leased to another company.

Within Crown’s existing working footprint is room for expansion as growth in the Atlanta metro area resumes. The design is based on a template the Crown team has developed for its Florida plants that these have followed nearly identically, laid out the same way for a brighter future.

In the Atlanta plant, soil sorters drop items into 12 chutes feeding two tunnel washers, each with 12 150-pound chambers, feeding seven 300-pound dryers. A pony wash aisle has four machines ranging from 40- to 130-pound capacities, with three 130-pound dryers. There are five ironer lines: three for sheet folding, ironing and stacking; one for small pieces; and the other for either. A tunnel finisher processes bathrobes. The finishing side also includes four towel folders.

The boiler room has two 350-HP boilers and a water reclamation system enabling 45% to 50% reuse. There are separate rooms for air compressors and chemical injection.

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May 12, 2021
Crown Linen Plant Tour
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Preview Crown Linen Plant TourPreview Crown Linen Plant Tour

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