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TRSA HR, Health and Safety Summit

Benefit from guidance on HR issues of compliance, talent cultivation, evolution of HR function as your company grows PLUS generate increased safety awareness among your employees by providing practical, hands-on analysis of trends, issues and techniques for creating and maintaining your company’s safety culture with presentations specific to the industry, best practices from other industries and peer-to-peer sharing.

The summit will provide:

  • Industry-specific presentations
  • Award-winning ideas from other industries
  • Breakout sessions
  • Interactive panel discussion with leaders in the linen, uniform and facility services industry
Program Information
Program Date:
April 20, 2021
Keynote: Session Recruiting and Selecting People Who Stay

The greatest challenge to recruiting today is the need to adjust to so many changing business circumstances.? Staffing requires planning, building, and implementing an effective sourcing strategy.? Multiple proactive approaches are needed to build your candidate pipeline.? Are you hiring the right people that are qualified,?display resilience,?fit your culture, and stay?? If you are struggling to fill your open positions with the best candidates, not just the best available, then don't miss this session.? 

Attendee take-aways include:? 

  • Uncover the 5 secrets to getting 30% more applicants to your job postings. 

  • Discover proactive recruiting approaches to expand your recruiting pipeline.? 

  • Learn to implement proven selection practices that improve new hire retention.? 

Speaker Information
Sherri Merbach  [ view bio ]
Hot Topics in Employment Law

Hear from Labor Law Attorney, Joe Shelton, on the latest employment law updates to be certain your company is in compliance with the myriad of federal and state?labor laws?and regulations.  

  • Get help navigating return-to-work policies, health privacy, and potential new liabilities. 

  • Find out the latest COVID-19 related restrictions and changes, including information on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). 

  • Learn what you can expect under the new administration throughout 2021. 

Speaker Information
Joseph P. Shelton  [ view bio ]
How Employee Engagement Impacts the Bottom Line

It’s a no-brainer that a big driver for increasing a company’s revenue and growth is having high performing employees. But where does employee engagement fit into this? There is plenty of science to back up a?positive correlation between highly engaged employees and their performance at work. Companies with a?high level of engaged employees outperform their competitors and are in a better position to rebound after a recession or other major crisis (like the current pandemic!).  

  • Learn why engaged employees go above and beyond and how this increase in engagement and performance will ultimately impact your organization’s bottom?line. 

  • Discover how to motivate your employees to make the move from simply?"putting in their time"?to being committed to their work. 

  • Understand how to lead your teams with an intentional focus on engagement, resulting in increases in productivity, profitability and customer service metrics. 

Speaker Information
Nicole Belyna  [ view bio ]
Courageous Conversations: Promoting Healthy Discussion in the Workplace

Embracing and appreciating every person’s background demonstrates your commitment to being a great place to work and upholds values that strengthen the communities you serve. Having meaningful conversations around things like gender, race, ethnicity, age and disabilities in the workplace—communicating across differences—is a crucial piece of this. These “courageous conversations” foster intentional inclusion and understanding and they encourage employees to have open dialogue on important topics. This session will offer:  

  • Tactics on how to have and facilitate hard conversations around differences in background, experience or viewpoints 

  • Why it is dangerous to simply do nothing or say nothing because these conversations can be uncomfortable  

  • How to make people aware of a lack of diversity and micro aggressions  

  • A better understanding about why it’s necessary to be thoughtful with how you broach these issues or handle difficult conversations when they present themselves   

Speaker Information
Gina Radke  [ view bio ]
Fleet Safety & Compliance: Is Your Driver Defensible?

When employees drive on your company’s behalf, safety should always be top of mind. Although accidents are not entirely unavoidable, there are many steps you can implement to help your business improve driver safety and avoid significant financial loss. Managing fleet risk will not only give you peace of mind but will keep your fleet running without incurring costly fines for violating regulations or accident liability. This session will focus on DOT regulatory topics including:  

  • Key components of an effective fleet safety program 

  • Federal Motor Carriers Safety Association (FMCSA) Safety Management Cycle 

  • Transportation industry best practices and litigation avoidance measures 

  • How to remain in compliance and adhere to regulations related to fleet safety 

Speaker Information
Richard Malchow  [ view bio ]
Contractor Safety: Orientation & Training

Who is responsible for a contractor’s safe activity while they’re onsite at your facility? What should you do prior to a contractor arriving onsite? Do you always ask your contractors for proof of their certificate of liability insurance?? Contractor orientation and training are important steps in protecting the health and safety of everyone involved. Get guidelines for the legal and industry specific contractor safety applications. You’ll learn: 

  • Best practices for creating a contractor safety program.  

  • Steps you can take to ensure that important site-specific safety materials, policies, procedures and job activity materials are read and understood by contractors before they begin their job in your workplace.  

  • OSHA guidelines for contractor safety. 

Speaker Information
Todd?B. Logsdon  [ view bio ]
Frank Makson  [ view bio ]
Industry HR & Safety Experts Panel: Workplace Impacts of the Pandemic

Hear from a diverse panel of HR and Safety Professionals as they discuss?important issues?regarding the latest impacts that COVID-19 has brought upon our industry. Panelists will address questions around these topics and more: 

  • In what way has our industry been effective in reacting to the pandemic? 

  • What permanent changes have you made to your operations in the last year? 

  • How are you keeping up with new OSHA compliance in your state related to the pandemic?     

  • What are your “lessons learned” regarding PPE, social distancing, sanitation station policies, etc.?  

Speaker Information
Foshie Bell  [ view bio ]
Cliff Dietrich  [ view bio ]
Catalina Dongo  [ view bio ]
Hector Durand  [ view bio ]
Stephen Jenkins  [ view bio ]
Kelly Saliba  [ view bio ]
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Preview Keynote: Session Recruiting and Selecting People Who StayPreview Keynote: Session Recruiting and Selecting People Who Stay

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