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TRSA Virtual Marketing & Sales Summit

TRSA's Virtual Marketing & Sales Summit provides access to the full program - the keynote address, sessions and panel discussions. Subject matter experts will share knowledge of products and services to satisfy specific market needs, thereby increasing revenue. this live virtual event provides attendees with these opportunities:

  • Compete more successfully through more effective market communications
  • Open new revenue streams with product diversification
  • Capture emerging markets with existing offerings
Program Information
Program Date:
November 17, 2020
Keynote – How Being Remarkably Accommodating Creates Customer Experiences that Beat the Competition

Join customer experience and marketing expert David Avrin, CSP, for this eye-opening and entertaining presentation that will expose your team to their roles in engaging prospects and creating customer experiences worth sharing. Success in today’s competitive business environment is awarded to those who are:

  • easy to do business with
  • tuned in to the profound shift in the increasingly unique expectations of today’s customers
  • committed to creating better experiences to increase loyalty and enhance customer business experience
Speaker Information
David Avrin  [ view bio ]
TRSA Marketing & Sales Committee Survey Results

Learn the latest from the trenches with trends and perspectives from the fall 2020 TRSA Marketing & Sales Committee’s Market Pulse Survey

Restaurant and Consumer Hygiene Safety Awareness Campaign

Learn about TRSA’s recent campaign to encourage the use of F&B reusables to help reassure restaurant patrons. Increased expectations for cleanliness can extend not only to professionally laundered F&B products such as napkins, tablecloths, bar towels and mops, but also to garments worn by employees during their shifts.

Speaker Information
Charles Crowell  [ view bio ]
Executives Panel: Marketing & Sales in 2020 and Beyond

Benefit from the perspective of those in the trenches for all markets as we wind down and discuss 2020 and move into 2021 with renewed energy.

Speaker Information
Ryan Flaherty  [ view bio ]
Mark Rue  [ view bio ]
Tim Topornicki  [ view bio ]
Darryl Williams  [ view bio ]
Video Stars: Tips and Tactics for Creating Great Marketing Videos

This is your opportunity for an informative Q&A session with the creative minds who had a hand in creating the top videos. The ‘final four’ video submissions as voted by TRSA members will be shared during this session, giving you the opportunity to vote for your favorite for TRSA’s first-ever Marketing & Sales Video Award!

Speaker Information
Andy Feldman  [ view bio ]
Jeff Wile  [ view bio ]
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Preview Keynote – How Being Remarkably Accommodating Creates Customer Experiences that Beat the CompetitionPreview Keynote – How Being Remarkably Accommodating Creates Customer Experiences that Beat the Competition

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