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Make Way for Gen-Z!

The leading edge of GenZ has entered their 20s. While they might just be your intern for now, you need to know that they are your future workforce and marketplace. Best-selling author and generations expert David Stillman will provide insights into the next generation—and will bring along “Exhibit A” in the form of his son, Jonah. This GenX and GenZ speaking combo can help you get ahead of the curve. Why speculate about the latest generation? 

Here’s your chance to get the straight scoop from two experts! Based on the results of a national Gen Z research study, GenZ@ Work , audiences will get fresh insights on what makes this newest generation tick: 

  • Who are they and how have changes in parenting styles shaped them in new ways? 
  • What are their expectations around careers and the workplace? 
  • What’s it going to take to get this generation in the door, on board, and up to speed
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July 15, 2020
Make Way for Gen-Z!
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David Stillman  [ view bio ]
Jonah Stillman  [ view bio ]
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