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TRSA Annual Human Resources & Safety Summit

Benefit from TRSA’s first annual virtual summit! Join in to get guidance on HR issues of compliance, talent cultivation, evolution of HR function as your company grows and generate increased safety awareness among your employees by providing practical, hands-on analysis of trends, issues and techniques for creating and maintaining your company’s safety culture with presentations specific to the industry, best practices from other industries and peer-to-peer sharing.

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Program Date:
May 12, 2020
Courageous Leadership: Inspiring Your Team During Times of Crisis
  • Learn strategies for accelerating customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and producing world class results
  • Discover critical roles necessary for delivering results in your organization during times of radical change
  • Explore the beliefs, behaviors, and actions needed to inspire and engage others in your mission
Speaker Information
Chip Madera  [ view bio ]
Developing a Talent Acquisition Strategy to Attract and Retain Employees
  • Create and implement a plan to engage possible employees
  • Discover key features to attract the best, most qualified people and convince them to bring their unique skills to your company
  • Develop tools which will allow your company to prioritize retention and save in employee turnover costs
Speaker Information
Gloria Sinclair Miller  [ view bio ]
Navigating the HR Impacts of COVID-19
  • Understand the rules and regulations of Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Explore the limits of the interactive process and address documentation issues
  • Discuss emerging issues regarding the COVID-19 crisis
Speaker Information
Joe Shelton  [ view bio ]
Worksite Health Clinics
  • Engage in the possibilities and objectives of an onsite clinic
  • Understand how the ability to offer convenient access to health care services will reduce the loss of productivity that results from employees seeking other healthcare providers
  • Discover how onsite clinics can save your company time and money while providing quality healthcare to your employees
Speaker Information
Larry Boress  [ view bio ]
Onboarding Best Practices
  • Establish objectives to implement a robust employee onboarding program that will combat the challenges of losing new hires
  • Find ways to allow your new hourly hire to adjust to the social and performance aspects of their new job
  • Consider the differences and benefits of informal versus formal onboarding in making your new hire to feel welcome at the company
Speaker Information
Karen Lawson  [ view bio ]
Empowering Employees to Develop a Culture of Safety
  • Empower your personnel to take ownership of their safety and encourage them to identify hazards and risk and to make positive changes in their work area through tips learned in this keynote
  • Discover how your company’s culture of safety can improve productivity and employee lifestyle
  • Benefit from understanding how a safety program based on the different learning styles and preferences of the different generations and individuals in your workplace will improve effectiveness and engagement
Speaker Information
Karen Czor  [ view bio ]
OSHA Guidance for COVID-19
  • Learn what actions you should take during the course of an OSHA inspection, including your role as well as the role of the OSHA inspector
  • Get tips to preplan your strategy in the event of a surprise inspection
  • Discover OSHA’s response to COVID-19, including tips about PPE and pandemic planning in your plant
Speaker Information
Sean Castillo, MPH  [ view bio ]
COVID-19 and Driver Safety
  • Glean resources to build and implement a logical driver safety program for your workforce
  • Review how sound safety management practices can continuously promote safe driving behavior
  • Learn about new tools and best practices that helps promote driver safety (i.e., innovations and tools for routing logistics and options for monitoring drivers to track safety)
Speaker Information
Andrew Leavitt  [ view bio ]
OSHA Top 10
  • Discover the top 10 most common potential hazards and safety violations cited by OSHA inspectors
  • Learn how your company can break the cycle of repeating costly errors that jeopardize employee safety
  • Benefit from recommended practices that will work in your plant, regardless of size and number of employees
Speaker Information
Charlie Edelman  [ view bio ]
TRSA's New Safety & Health Certification
  • Review the criteria that will aid in enhancing your company’s Safety and Health programs through the new TRSA Safety and Health Certification
  • Discover the role certification programs play in enhancing your company’s reputation and dedication to safety, both as an employer and a service provider
  • Learn the criteria needed for certification in these four categories: Management Leadership and Employee Involvement, Worksite Hazard Analysis, Hazard Prevention and Control, and Safety and Hazard Prevention and Control, and Safety and Health Training
Speaker Information
Michael Halter, MS, CSP, CPCU,   [ view bio ]
Pandemic Planning: A Peer-to-Peer Discussion for HR Professionals; Facilitated Virtual Chat/Q&A
  • Brainstorm with your fellow conference attendees to solve industry-wide issues, develop strategies, and share ideas regarding COVID-19
  • See how others deal with topics such as taking employees temperature and handling PPE in the plant
  • Listen to a diverse group of industry, Human Resources leaders to gain new insight to pandemic planning
Speaker Information
Catalina Dongo  [ view bio ]
Karen Griffiths  [ view bio ]
Angela Howard  [ view bio ]
Kelly Saliba  [ view bio ]
Joseph Shelton  [ view bio ]
Cathy Warrin  [ view bio ]
Pandemic Planning: A Peer-to-Peer Discussion for Safety Professionals; Facilitated Virtual Chat/Q&A
  • Listen to a diverse panel of safety professionals discuss important safety issues regarding pandemic planning
  • Exchange ideas, best practices, and learning experiences with other attendees
  • Gather significant reflections that will help improve the safety of your plant
Speaker Information
Caleb Paige  [ view bio ]
Foshie Bell  [ view bio ]
Hector Durand  [ view bio ]
Charlie Edelman  [ view bio ]
Michael Halter, MS, CSP, CPCU,   [ view bio ]
John Koduru  [ view bio ]
Suzanne Ormond  [ view bio ]
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Preview Courageous Leadership: Inspiring Your Team During Times of CrisisPreview Courageous Leadership: Inspiring Your Team During Times of Crisis

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