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Production Management Certificate

TRSA’s Production Management Certificate encourages managers and supervisors to build the skills and competencies necessary for success in their linen, uniform and facility services careers. This program was developed following a TRSA-commissioned study and job analysis of the Production Management roles, responsibilities, tasks, skills and knowledge required of the position that was completed in 2018. TRSA’s Education Committee also provided input on the content. In addition to receiving a certificate of completion after successfully finishing the modules and testing, individuals can also earn six hours of CPE towards the TRSA Certified Professional Laundry Manager (CPLM) designation.

This course consists of six pre-recorded webinars (previously recorded with a live audience) that must be viewed followed by short quizzes after each webinar. Seventy percent of the questions for each quiz must be answered correctly. The course will be saved in "My Classroom," so you can view the webinars within the course at your own pace. However, you must view each webinar in order and take the quiz associated with it before moving ahead in the series. The system will not allow you to skip ahead. To acces a quiz, view the webinar and then click the "Quiz" tab. Upon successfully viewing each webinar and passing all six quizzes, you will have earned the TRSA Production Management Certificate. 

The course includes these six webinars, which are approximately 45 to 60 minutes each:


  • Process Improvement
  • Essentials of Supervisor Training and Production Scheduling
  • Plant and Production Metrics


  • Conflict Resolution for Managers
  • Hourly Employee Retention: Tips to Avoid Turnover


  • Real World Practices for Reducing Workplace Injuries

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Program Information
Program Date:
March 07, 2019
Process Improvement Techniques

Explore new ways to become more systematic in optimizing your underlying business processes to achieve more efficient results. This webinar guides you in identifying, analyzing and improving techniques to meet new goals and objectives, such as increasing profits and performance, reducing costs and accelerating schedules. 
You're presented with case studies that prove it's most beneficial to follow a specific methodology or strategy each time you examine one of your processes, establishing a consistent framework that ensures you cover each necessary improvement step effectively in the proper sequence:
• Expose problems
• Determine root causes
• Generate solutions and improvements
• Assess, prioritize, implement
• Monitor and adjust

Speaker Information
Bob Corfield   [ view bio ]
Charles Hawkins  [ view bio ]
Essentials of Supervisor Training and Production Scheduling

Get up to speed on effective techniques for improving production team performance by hiring and training excellent supervisors and equipping them to:
• Analyze capacity
• Identify constraints and bottlenecks
• Schedule production
• Balance quality and quantity
• Solve problems

Included is a discussion of increasing productivity by implementing the Theory of Constraints, which utilizes systems thinking to remove constraints, improve system throughput, and achieve more of the system's goals.

Speaker Information
Rick Gerlach Ph.D., CIH, CSP  [ view bio ]
JR Ryan  [ view bio ]
Conflict Resolution for Managers

Do you have conflicts on your team? Are you frustrated by the negative impact of unresolved conflicts? Would you like to find a better, more productive way to constructively resolve these issues and get back to achieving results?

Many managers struggle with these questions. Some managers barge headlong into the situation and get the parties to quit openly fighting only to wonder why inattention to results still affects their team. Other managers try to avoid a confrontation in the hopes that the conflict will resolve itself given enough time.  Both approaches leave the conflict unresolved. Both approaches cause lost productivity, decreased quality, and high levels of stress for the leader and the team.

From this presentation, you'll learn how to get to the root of the problem, defuse tense situations and reclaim productivity and job satisfaction.

Speaker Information
Marc Fischer  [ view bio ]
Hourly Employee Retention: Tips to Avoid Turnover

Finding quality employees is challenging, so once you've hired them, it's important to take steps to make sure they stick around. Each time an employee leaves, all of the time and money invested in that person goes out the door with them. Turnover can be costly! This webinar offers tips on how to cultivate a happy and loyal hourly employee base, to keep them in your plant and not seek employment elsewhere.  
• Get ideas for easy-to-implement incentive programs 
• Find out how your company culture can have a positive – or negative – effect on your staff 
• Learn ways to improve employee morale (and productivity!) by improving plant conditions 
• Discover how your management/supervision staff can affect employee retention 
• And more! 

Speaker Information
Nancy Church   [ view bio ]
Steve Kulchin  [ view bio ]
Kelly Saliba  [ view bio ]
Cathy Warrin  [ view bio ]
Real World Practices for Reducing Workplace Injuries

Hear from three textile services operators as they share successful practices and strategies they have implemented to decrease the frequency of injuries in their workplaces.  You'll learn real world best practices to implement in your organization, including:
• How effective workplace safety committees can drive reductions in workplace injuries
• Collecting and sharing good habits to reduce work-related injuries
• Creating a confidential "hotline" for employees to report safety concerns
• Engaging employees in daily “stretch & flex” routines

Speaker Information
Rick Gerlach  [ view bio ]
Reggie Reich  [ view bio ]
Andrea Skilinski  [ view bio ]
Production Benchmarking Metrics

If you measure your performance, your performance improves. Although that sounds pretty simple, effectively measuring, analyzing, and improving production metrics is not as easy as it may seem. And, once measured, how do your performance metrics compare to others in the linen, uniform and facility services industry? This one-hour webinar will address the importance of benchmarking, how you can learn from others by benchmarking and how you can use benchmarks to become the best in your market. 


What You'll Learn:

• Gain an understanding of key metrics used in the industry

• Learn the variables that impact key metrics and benchmarking

• Identify key metrics to use in your laundry operations

Speaker Information
Chip Malbouef  [ view bio ]
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CPLM CPE: 6.00

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