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Healthcare: Production Training Series

Initiate training for production employees with these videos that demonstrate sorting, washing, drying, finishing and packing out healthcare items. Also show these to prospective hires who are candidates for performing or managing these functions. Each video is a recording of employees in a healthcare laundry operating machinery needed to safely and efficiently perform a function as well as narration and depiction of steps in the overall production process before and after the function.

  • Soil Sort in a Healthcare Laundry: Cart dumper, light-frame sorting system, conveyors: sheets, towels, garments
  • Automated Tunnel Washer & Dryer Operations: Tunnel washer, extractor, dryer, completely automated; bed linen
  • Cart Wash in a Healthcare Laundry: Cart washer
  • Towel Folding in a Healthcare Laundry: Single lane folder; bath towel
  • Pack-Out in a Healthcare Laundry: Stacker, bundler, scales; towels, sheets
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Program Date:
January 22, 2018
Soil Sort in a Healthcare Laundry

Cart dumper, light-frame sorting system on platform, conveyors: sheets, towels, garments

Wearing personal protective equipment; dumping, tearing and discarding plastic bags; conveying to soil sort area, sorting assisted by screen display, conveying debris to trash, containing sharps, conveying filled slings to wash area

Halting conveyor belt

Automated Tunnel Washer & Dryer Operations

Tunnel washer, extractor, dryer, completely automated; bed linen

Sorting soil, sling-loading, conveying through modules in tunnel washer, displaying progress in digital control center, extracting, conveying by shuttle to dryer, discharging from rear onto conveyor, dropping into sling, rail-conveying to finishing.


Cart Wash in a Healthcare Laundry

Cart washer

Pushing cart onto track, starting automatically, adjusting temperature and formula, disinfecting thermally, sanitizing chemically, emerging clean and dry

Towel Folding in a Healthcare Laundry

Single lane towel folder; bath towel

Slinging to folding station; dumping into cart; entering item name and code in display; placing item on feeder belts; displaying piece count and run time; setting aside incorrectly sorted, stained or damaged items; stacking at discharge end; conveying of stacks for bundling.

Pack-Out in a Healthcare Laundry

Stacker, bundler, scales; towels, sheets

Stacking and positioning carts before discharge from folder, grabbing bundles, tying or strapping, placing in cart to fill order ticket, recording placement in cart, completing cart, moving to loading dock, weighing, covering in plastic.

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